Relations evolve and business grows only with up to date and well organized contact details.

The use of business cards dates back to 17th century, and curiously did not evolve significantly from the original idea, even though our needs to manage contacts are in no way comparable!

This is a true game changer innovation; since its introduction to the market, companies can finally take control and consolidate digitally their contact assets across all business entities.

Smart Link, is the world's premier corporate network, with its disruptive business model you can exchange business cards seamlessly with a swipe of a finger tip; contacts are identified through the best of breed security protocole and are linked exclusively and sustained digitally.

All contact data is safe kept in a powerful CRM that allows for efficient management of all your relations. The corporate contacts are always up to date and available for the entire organization, from their desks and while travelling, and on all authorized devices.

BPLoop for business

1A powerful CRM solution with a brilliant mobile application.

2The authentic Customer Relations Management solution

Smart Link is the world's premier corporate network

Take your relationships into the next level and benefit from Smart Link innovation.

Ecologically responsible

Everything is 100% digital.

Synchronized data

Modifications are updated in real time.

Anywhere and anytime

Enhance your relations by adding personal and meeting notes to your contact cards and consult when needed on your smart device.

Centralized contacts IP

The CRM offers the possibility to manage employees' business cards and safe keep the corporate assets.

Fast & easy

It takes minutes to create company business card template using the editing tool. You can choose from a gallery of predefined business cards, upload your employee file and you’re ready to go.

Increase company’s image control

You can manage the photos of each employees directly in the CRM, and choose to put own professional pictures on the business card or offer the employees the possibility to do so.

Increase efficiency

All modifications are done within second from the back office and updated instantaneously on the emloyees’ smartphones but also in their contacts

Seamless continuity of business relation

When an employee leaves the company a contact replacement proposal can be sent directly to business contacts in order to maintain a continuous and seamless relationship.


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Private Account

An application that allows you to:

  • Create and manage your digital contact information
  • Add your photo to your personal information
  • Exchange contact information with your friends, family, acquaintances, etc
  • Synchronized personal and contact information in real time
  • Don’t lose your contacts anymore
  • Even use the application in a Pro Light Version


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